Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Diet Surprise

I had gained a few pounds over the winter; I think it was all in my belly.  Therefore, I decided to limit my carbs.

welcome to the wonderful diet of eggs and bacon for breakfast and steak for dinner.  More vegetables than you have ever seen!

My wife and I hadn't been shopping at Sam's Club for 5 minutes when my eyes lit on a 5 lb bag of real bacon bits!  I think my eyes glazed over a little bit, but I resisted as I sometimes know what to stay away from.

I was almost in the clear when I wife said, "Why don't you take a bag?"  I stuttered, "No?"  when she grabbed a bag.

Then there was a wonderful diet surprise.  My wife read the label and found there was a lot less fat than regular bacon and get this; only 25 calories per Tablespoon.

I have a wonderful lunch prepared of a lettuce wedge with blue cheese bits, dressing, and bacon bits!