Thursday, May 26, 2011

Are you "In it to win it"?

Randy on American Idol understands that attitude is all important when competing for the top spot in Idol.   Attitude is so important in all aspects of our lives.
In dieting, I believe that attitude is so important that I wrote a book about it, The Losing Attitude for Dieters!  Have you done everything to make your diet successful?
Are you "in it to win it?"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Healthy Marketing Ploys

People want to eat healthy.  So, if you sell a candy that is almost pure sugar, you advertise it as “Zero Trans Fat”.  If you are selling pasta and cheese and pepperoni, you sell it as a salad.  Maybe you sell your candy as fruit chews – sounds much better!
The best way to not fall for any of these marketing ploys is to read the labels.  Does the “Reduced Fat” version even have fewer calories than the “Regular” version?  Just because it has the word “Healthy” in the label doesn’t mean it really is healthy – buyers beware!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Those first 8 pounds

It is amazing how, when you first start a diet, you lose eight pounds in that first week!  But then, you stay even, lose only a small amount or even gain weight in the second week.  What's going on?
Well, you didn't really lose eight pounds of fat in that first week.  Most of your weight loss was in water weight .  That's why many diets tell you to limit your soda intake and your salt intake - they want you to lose those eight pounds and think their diet it really great!.
The problem of course is what happens if you have a moderate or bad week?  Well, of course those water loss eight pounds come back on just as fast as they came off.
Knowing this is a step towards gaining that Losing Attitude.  Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Salmonella Contamination

It is obvious that fourteen year old baggers at grocery stores have never had salmonella!  If they had, they would be much more careful how they bag your raw chicken.
I had been running a high fever, so high that I had been hospitalized.  I was miserable, and then the aspirin would lower my fever and I would feel better - then my fever would rise again.
I  remember when the doctor came in and told me he had good news and bad news.  He said the good news was that they had figured out what I had - salmonella.  The bad news was that the cure was to not bring down my fever with aspirin - to let it burn itself out!
Be very careful with your raw chicken.  Clean your hands and counters with hot soapy water.  Many commercial places use bleach on their counters.

Monday, May 2, 2011

What is the fastest weight loss you can achieve?

What if you didn't eat anything?  what if you fasted?  How much weight could you actually lose?
A 200lb woman burns about 2400 calories a day with normal activity.  If she could fast a week then she would only burn  16,800 calories or a little under 5 pounds.  That's right, even if you could go without food for a week, you wouldn't even lose five pounds - you probably would be so hungry that you would gain it all back right away.
 On a 1500 calorie diet, much more reasonable,  she would burn 6300 calories for the week and could lose 1.8 pounds.  Of course, as she loses weight, she burns less calories during the day.
Losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint!  Pick a great diet, get your attitude on right and get started.