Saturday, April 30, 2011

Does Vitamin D really help?

Recent news articles link low vitamin D levels with obesity in children and just about any ailment the body has every contracted.  It makes sense that kids aren't getting outside enough and their vitamin D levels are lower.
Vitamin D is now being prescribed to help breast cancer, skin ailments, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, and autoimmune diseases.  Does it really work?
My doctor prescribed that I start taking Vitamin D for high  cholesterol, so I started taking 2000 units of D3 every day.  The book is still out on my cholesterol, but the 8-9 migraines that I used to get every month like clockwork were suddenly reduced to maybe 1-2.  Nice side effect!
I say, try it out in the recommended dosages prescribed by your doctor and see where it will take you!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Does Everybody Hate Artificial Sweeteners?

If you read some blogs or diet books you might think that artificial sweeteners are the biggest threat to your health out there.  It's very popular to get on the ' artificial sweeteners are dangerous' bandwagon.
Think about it for a minute.  Soda companies have very deep pockets, and if artificial sweeteners were really that dangerous to your health, wouldn't every other add on TV be something like:
"This is Steve Smith, Esquire.  Have you or anyone you know lost a loved one because they drank too much diet soda?  I know I drank too much and I am dead.  One of my associates would be happy to make you rich if only you would call 555-1212."
Why don't we see these ads?  Maybe artificial sweeteners aren't really that bad for you.  Maybe that is why there are no studies out there with hard proof.
I will continue to be happy there are artificial sweeteners out there!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do you have a holiday diet plan?

Everyone has a plan - until they get punched in the face. - Mike Tyson, Boxer
Have you ever gotten up the day after a major holiday and felt like you got punched in the face because you ate too much the day before?  I know I have.
Having a plan for these family gatherings can be essential to keeping that losing attitude and staying on your diet.  Not having a plan can sometimes be surrender!
What plan can help you not eat too much on a holiday?
·         Make sure you exercise first thing in the morning
·         Don’t arrive too early
·         Eat an apple just before arriving at the gathering
·         Drink too much water before you arrive
·         Stay away from the Hors d'Ĺ“uvres
·         Fill your dinner plate with vegetables
·         Have a set time when you plan to leave
·         Have a healthy evening meal planned for when you get home
No one wants to feel like they have been punched in the face.  Have a holiday diet paln!