Friday, January 13, 2012

5-day Zero Calorie Jumpstart Diet: Day 5

I should know more about the motivation of dieting than anyone - right? Didn't I write the book!

It didn't stop me from slowly gaining back half the weight I wrote about in my book: The Losing Attitude for Dieters. Gaining weight is really insidious; A few ounces a week doesn't really show until the next thing you know, you have gained twenty pounds!
I had to break the cycle, do something drastic. The only problem is that I have been posting on many different weight-loss blogs that the only way to lose weight is slowly; 1-1.5 pounds per week. Well, when did I ever listen to myself anyway?

I remember watching Michael Phelps in the Olympics and saw that he trained for six hours a day and ate 15,000 calories per day. I really wanted to be Michael Phelps; at least the eating part.

But what if I could burn off every calorie I ate in a week. How much weight could I really lose?

Day 5:

So, I had to go to my nephew's birthday party. I did pretty good with a salad and a medium piece of Lasagna (400 calories). I skipped the birthday cake!

Can't stop a good thing. I started the day off with a cup of a honey nut cereal (110 calories) and 40 minutes doing some strength training and stretching (-200 calories).

For lunch I had a tuna fish wrap (220 calories).

For dinner I had my best meal of the week with steak tips and lot's of veggies (535 calories). I played basketball again today and burned off 1200 calories.

You can see that on my last day, I ate 865 calories and burned off 1400 calories for a net gain of -535 calories - net weekly loss at -601 calories. A great work week and a great jump start to my diet

I lost 12 pounds in these 5 days.  What a way to get back on the diet horse!

Professor Tom Laurie

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